Flying  Frog  Farm’s   2014  Hosta  Catalog

Flying Frog Farm owner:  Marsha Ansevics house:  515-961-3585

5148 155th Avenue website: cell:  515-208-9002

Indianola, Iowa 50125 email:      

SEASON: April 25-August 31 (a quick call to my cell phone is best!)                         (OPEN  July 4th)

              2014 HOURS:       10 am – 5 pm  Wednesday thru Sunday (April 25 thru July 6)

                                              10 am – 5 pm  Thursday  thru Sunday  (July 10 thru August

 LOCATION:   Our gardens are on twenty wooded acres approximately 10 miles south of Des Moines (east onto Summerset Road off of Highway 65/69 ---Summerset Road is about 4 miles north of Indianola).  There are 3 blue county signs to lead you to our gate once you are on Summerset Road.  We are on a very long dead end road --- a large colorful sign at the gate greets you during business hours!

OUR PLANTS:   We’re growing 1000 different kinds of hosta, from the miniatures to the extra large varieties.  Our hostas are all field grown and that makes for some nice root systems!! We have a sizeable sales area with hundreds of plants potted and ready to go.  It’s too busy many times to dig, but if we can we will.  A call ahead to give us time to start digging is great if you know several that you are wanting.   Don’t feel you have to stop and clean up for us- -come in gardening clothes!  I’ll bet you’ll find us working!!  We’ll try to greet you, but in case we’re off working on a project please shop in the sales area or view the display garden and we’ll say ‘hi’ as soon as we see you!

         You’ll also find a nice selection of  perennials (and sometimes annuals) in our sales area to include in your garden plan.  Ferns, hellebores, tiarella, brunnera, dianthus, tradescantia, and sedum are a few.

GROUPS:  Please call my cell (515-208-9002) if you’d like to bring a large group out to the farm.  We’d love to have you!  Red Hat Groups—garden clubs—clubs of all kinds!  We need a pretty specific time as I usually have extra help available and parking needs to be a consideration.  I STILL have “visions” of the TWO huge tour buses and the man hauling a tractor and the twenty or so cars that were already parked one pretty afternoon!  Ha!  We made it all happen!  Again this year we are asking $1 per person for the bus tours.  You don’t need to call ahead if there will be a car full of people---it’s just that I’d like to be free to speak with the larger groups and answer questions and that takes a little preplanning.

FARMER’S MARKET:  Bruno will be at the Downtown Market from 7-12 on Saturdays (May-July).  Please call to place an order that you’d like him to bring to market—a day or two notice is great!!

GIFT CERTIFICATES:  Call for a gift certificate at any time or pick one up when you are at the farm.  They are available in any dollar amount.   Personal checks and credit cards are welcome.

RECYCLING POTS:  We continue to ask for plastic pots that are larger than 4 inches and up to the size that accommodates a small shrub.  Trays and hanging pots are not very useful to us—sorry!  Pots help us to continue to keep our prices low for you and help out the earth a little too!  Thanks!

WEEKEND SPECIALS:  Customers have soooo enjoyed the sale flyers and the coupons that can be used on return visits that we plan to continue these. It’s always fun to get a bargain!!  Hope to see you!

ONE FINAL THOUGHT:  If you live reasonably close by and would like to help us out during the season, I would be happy to “gift you” plants in return.  Potting up hostas and labeling them and tending the display beds and growing areas to keep them neat in appearance are the usual jobs.  It can be a couple of hours—a half day—or more—weekdays or weekends--whatever your schedule allows.  Your  commitment can be for a few days also—I know summer can get busy with family!  Give me a call if this sounds interesting to you!